Security Camera Systems
Security Camers & Survillance System Experts we offer a complete line of security cameras starting with basic functions to advanced night vision and on-board analytics.
Wireless Connectivity
WIFI Hotspot’s for internet connectivity out in Garden or Hoop House for handheld device connectivity. Internet Connectivity by Satelite and Cellular options available .
Compliant Container Lab
These custom shipping containers come complete and can be anchored down (ca seismic mounts available) and connected into existing utilities allowing quick and simple setup and build out for your facility.
Access Control for Doors and Containers
Our offering covers products and services related to openings, such as locks, doors, and gates
Smart Agriculture Systems
Wirelessly monitor soil moisture, crop temperature, weather, weather station data, and environmental conditions at the site.
RZTO Technology
Cools or heats root zone temperatures to stabilize the optimum temperature range all year round. This Increased yield by 40-270% while adding an extra growth cycle.
Irrigation By Condensation Technology
Irrigates crops by condensing humidity in the air on external service of pipes with running cold water at night. Solar operated and independent from water/electric grids. Allows farming in remote locations normally unsuited to food production due to water shortages.
Welcome to Humboldt cctv, your One-Stop-Shop for
Advanced Technologies on the Lost Coast. 

Our unique modular approach allowing the ability to offer multiple advanced technologies, focused on the Cannabis industry, here in Humboldt for over 10 years.

We have integrated standard security systems needed for compliance, with advanced video analytics.
These advanced cameras can detect a person or vehicles, entering an area or loitering, and send an email alert with a snapshot of the offender. We offer 2 Way speakers allowing the operator to “Talk Down” to intruders, warning of impending danger.

For Operators in a crush for time, we offer these designs which have passed CA BCC Compliance testing, and can be outfitted with any plumbing, electrical, LED lighting, ventilation, odor control, airlines, specific to your requirements. We include all engineering designs and drawings; units can be deployed indoors or outdoors.

We offer Ubiquity Unifi Wireless systems for distributed Wi-Fi Hotspot access across the property. A needed requirement for Track and Trace, cell phone communications (Wi-Fi calling). We can use the same wireless infrastructure to bring video feeds and alerts back to the main house for the recording of a 90-day compliant video archive. If needed, we offer Internet access via Verizon or ViaSat and allow remote access to all systems.

Access control is the most challenging and complicated but needed for BCC Compliance. The need to record access to all doors and vaults using Access Cards which require maglocks (electric Locks) to be integrated into the door frame. In the case of Storage containers, the need for a Magnetic Lock, and release switch, complicates the system even further. We have standardized on a Cloud-Based system with readers that can use a phone app for access, as well as the use of Access Card and will work over the same wireless infrastructure.

With most operators growing year-round, implementing radiant heat and cooling for hoop house beds, we developed a Smart Ag system based on Wireless sensors for the beds, detecting soil moisture and temperature at multiple levels, irrigation pump controls, water tank levels, and thermostat controls for Snap Fans. The ability to analyze moisture content and temperature gives operators feedback on if they have consistency throughout the hoop houses.

Reasons To Choose:
Highly Qualified Team Over 20 year in industry
Comprehensive 24/7 Support
Warranty everything we sell
Local Support
Based here in Humboldt County
Advanced Technologies
straight Cameras for Night Vision
Reasons to Choose
Highly Qualified Team
Over 20 years in the industry
Local Support
Based here in Humboldt County
Comprehensive 24/7 Support
Warranty everything we sell
Advanced Technologies
Starlight Cameras for Night Vision
Exclusive Relationships
Only Certified Reseller in Area
What Customers Saying
We used Humboldtcctv for our Farm in Blocksburg and Extraction facility in Eureka, we needed a advanced Security system with Smart Cameras with Analytics for our Eureka location. We have issues with homeless in area, and this system allows us to be alerted when we have intruders within our fenced in area. We were very satisfied with Humboldtcctv’ s knowledge of security options and worked to deliver our Security camera and access control system allowing us to pass our security audit first time.
Harry Rose CXORosette Wellness
HumboldtCCTV came out to our Farm in Upper Lake, specified a wireless camera system that would give us a perimeter offering to cover a very large area. Humboldtcctv came up with an innovative solution that would give us the 90 Days of Archives we needed for compliance and an Access Control reader for our entry gate.  We highly recommend their Starlight Cameras, the night view is incredible. We look forward to working with Humboldtcctv on future expansion.
Kristen Callahan OperatorMagic Farms
Humboldtcctv was recommended by our property owner.  We took over an existing farm that had a partially working Security System but needed to get it working for Compliance requirements. Humboldtcctv came in utilized what was working, replaced and added wireless connections where needed and got our Farm cameras back online. We have a very large multiple area property that had many challenges, and Humboldtcctv team was able deliver what we needed to secure the property.
OperatorAlderpoint Road Farms
We have a non-licensed grow and needed a Solar powered camera for my extended driveway, that would send a alert with picture of any vehicle of car heading up my drive.

Would like to have time to pack up and leave if the law is coming. Humboldtcctv set us up with a system, send alerts to my phone.

These guys are a farmer’s best friend.

Humboldt FarmerOperator

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