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Security Cameras
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Verified Security Company
Advanced Wireless Surveillance Cameras
The key to our systems is our use of Smart Cameras that can detect intrusion, loitering, door left open, and report back to operator or Tier 1 Secured monitoring center. When a person or vehicle is detected in a prohibited area, by schedule, an alert will go out to subscribed users. The user now can have the ability to “Talk Down” to intruder and avoid any further conflict. This REPLACES the need for armed guards. We offer a variety of cameras and solutions for the Farm, Commercial, Residential and vehicle/Mobile applications.
Verified Security Company
Wireless Access Control, Gate Openers, IP Phones and Intercoms
We are based in  McKinleyville  and offer full design and installation services off grid solar panels for Pure IP access control door/gate entry card readers. The readers are available using access cards or fobs, and PIN code access options. All include full audit reports and can be configured via the web.
Our Smart Readers can be located indoors and out and can be located anywhere controlled access is needed. Readers support gate openers, and support triggering camera snapshot.
IP Phones, Intercoms and Solar power options also available. security cameras
CCTV Camera Installation Service
We are driven to do the best job possible. We pride ourselves on cultivating lasting client relationships built on trust and mutual respect
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