Your Cannabis Compliant Tech Crew

What is Cannabis Compliance?

Cannabis Compliance is considered one of the biggest obstacles in the industry. The standards are constantly evolving as Cannabis progresses through its legalization process. These 10-12 regulations range from Engineering, Electrical, Building, Airflow, Security, Health, and Manufacturing codes must be met to be considered a legal operation and have a future in the industry.

About Us

Humboldt CCTVs’ unique Modular Approach gives us the ability to offer multiple Advanced Off-Grid Technologies, focused on the Cannabis industry, here in Humboldt for over 10 years. Our integrated systems allow you to monitor all areas of your Operation while fulfilling your Compliant needs. Humboldt CCTV maximizes your opportunities, giving you ultimate access all through your Smart Phone.

The focus of people in the industry needs to be on Compliance

Tim Leslie, Leafly CEO

What We Do Best

Security Cameras

We offer a complete line of security cameras starting with basic functions to advanced night vision and onboard analytics.

Container Labs

Our Compliant Extraction Labs are used for Processing, Production, and Vaults. Our unique design is customizable to your facility.

Access Control

Access Control for Doors & containers. Our offering covers products and services related to openings, such as locks and gates

Off-Grid Wireless Connectivity

WIFI Hotspots for internet connectivity out in Garden or Hoop House for handheld device connectivity.

Grow Tech Sensors

This portfolio of sensors combined with our secure, robust wireless networks enable real-time access to information and equipment.

Off-Grid Solar

Our Off-grid solar kits and micro-grids allow you to take harness your own power to save over 90% on energy


  • Wirelessly Monitor Analytical Grow Data
  • Increases yield by more than 40%
  • Add extra growth cycle
  • Farming in remote locations with water shortages

Need Manufacturing Safety Compliant Products?


Northern Safety Industrial has you covered with top-quality exclusive safety products that save you money. These products have been developed to strict specifications and packages can be customizable to what fits your operation best. Check out the 2021 Catalog for more information.

Why Some Of The Biggest Names In The Industry Love Us

“Humboldt CCTV’s knowledge of security options worked to deliver our Security Camera and Access Control Systems allowing us to pass our security audit first time.”

Harry Rose

Rosette Wellness


Humboldt CCTV came up with an innovative solution that would give us the 90 Days of Archives we needed for compliance and an Access Control reader for our entry gate.  We highly recommend their Starlight Cameras, the night view is incredible. We look forward to working with Humboldt CCTV on future expansion.

Kristen Callahan Magic Farms Operator

“We love the Roots system and I’d do anything for Boaz. ”

Tim Blake

Emerald Cup Founder

Join The Crew!

  • 10% Discount on Humboldt CCTV & Humboldt Grow Tech products/services
  • 10% Commission from Referrals

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