Who We Are

Humboldt CCTV is a small, family-owned, and operated business selling and supporting Cannabis Compliant Technology and more! Our Security Cameras, Access Control, Containers, and Grow Technology is what we do best! Our Owner, Mark Felberg, has been in the industry for over 20 years and has sold systems worldwide. All of our technology is suitable for on & off the grid. We are setting the standard for the future of the Cannabis Industry. We are your One-Stop Cannabis Compliant Tech Crew!

Meet The Crew

Mark Feldberg


After 25+ years in the industry, Mark has built an incredible network of “Smart People” working at the Tech Firms, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, and the “Best” in distribution Tech Data, Ingram, Rexel, and CSC.

Cristian Castro


After earning a Bachelors’s Degree in International Economics, Cristian used the ability to analyze regional and global issues from economic, political, and cultural perspectives into strategies for Humboldt CCTV.

Join Us!

  • 10% Commission on all referrals
  • 10% Discount on Humboldt CCTV & Humboldt Grow Tech products/services
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