Grow Tech Sensors

Quality Results

  • Wirelessly Monitor Analytical Grow Data
  • Increase Yield
  • Increase Quality
  • Eliminate Production Risks
  • Substantially lower Cost Reduction & Waste Management
  • Maintain the highest standard of Yield & Quality
  • Maximize Growth
  • Accessible through Smart Phone
  • Take control of your Operation

Our Benefits

Data Collected by Grow Tech sensors allow you to fully analyze & control weather conditions, soil quality, crop growth progress, and more! This data allows you to fully track your operations state of business, staff performance, efficiency, etc… Taking control of the internal process allows you to lower and in some cases completely eliminate production risks. The ability to oversee production on your Smart Phone increases product quality & distribution. Cost management and waste reduction decrease substantially with Grow Tech sensors. This allows you to mitigate any risks of losing yield/quality from the very before it happens. Process automation increases efficiency by giving farmers the access to analyze multiple processes across production cycles, irrigation, fertilizers, pest control, and more. With Grow Tech, you are able to maintain the highest standard of crop quality and growth maximization.

Humboldt Grow Tech Sensors give you access to data-driven farming solutions to maximize quality & yields. Our analytical methods are used for irrigation control, pest, and disease management, controlled/monitored mechanization, supply chain integration, etc… This portfolio of sensors combined with our secure, robust wireless networks enables real-time access to information and equipment deployed in remote and distant locations. Wirelessly monitor soil moisture, crop temperature, weather station data, and environmental conditions at the site. Remotely actuate valves, pumps, and even entire irrigation systems. Soil Moisture and Temperature Sensors
Wireless Sensor Connectivity Check on your phone or smart device Water tank levels with pump controls access Snap Fan Thermostat with Temperature probe.

Humboldt Grow Tech sensors are designed to sustainable growth and exceed the current crop production. Enhance resilience and adaptation by producing hardier crops that can better withstand fluctuations in weather, quality of soil, and quantity of water. Crop diversification or mixed farming systems as a potential for increasing revenues for farmers. Grow Tech Sensors can be deployed across farm and farming machinery in order to give farmers the access to gain insightful data, such as the temperature of stored products, the amount of fertilizer used, the amount of water in the soil, the number of seeds planted, storage conditions, the status of farming equipment and machinery in use, and to track the movement and behavior of livestock remotely via cameras, and embedded devices.


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