Off-Grid Solar

Quality Results

  • Saves up to 90% on energy
  • Prevent Blackouts
  • Produce & Control your own power
  • Avoid Power Outages
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Quick & Easy Off-Grid installation


Off-Grid Solar Panels allow you to take control of your own energy that is independent of traditional electrical grids. The benefits of going with Solar are both economical, environmental. Drastically lower the cost of your energy bill, and in some cases completely eliminate it. Not only are you saving money but earning it back as well by improving the value of your home. Solar allows you to be totally exempt from the rise of energy prices that are placed by corporations.

Off-Grid solar allows you to prevent power outages because it stores your independent energy in case of emergencies. This allows you to prevent blackouts and other accidents from happening. Living in a rural/ off-grid location makes energy a hassle because there is a lack of energy grids to connect to due to lack of infrastructure. For this reason, Solar is the best choice for an off-grid location. Now you can fully enjoy the freedom of living anywhere you’d like because you are able to produce and control your own power.

This environmentally friendly alternative is a great solution for minimizing the carbon footprint of your home. Off-grid solar doesn’t release toxic gasses into the atmosphere, helping reduce the effects of climate change. Save up to 90% on your energy bill by making the smart choice with Humboldt CCTV’s Off-grid solar solutions. Our quick and easy installations can be set up in any Off-Grid location.


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