Our Services

Advanced Analytical Security Cameras

We offer a complete line of security cameras with advanced night vision that is accessible through your Smart Phone.

Off-Grid Wireless Connectivity

WiFi Hotspots for internet connectivity out in Garden or Hoop House. Internet Connectivity by Satelite and Cellular options available.

Custom Shipping Container Labs

Come complete and can be anchored down (ca seismic mounts available). Our Unique approach allowed us to connect existing utilities allowing quick and simple setup. Your Complaint Facility is build-out and portable.

Access Control for Doors & Containers

Our offering covers products and services related to openings, such as locks and gates. We incorporate analytical data to know who & what is being accessed.

Off-Grid Solar Connectivity

Our Off-grid solar kits and micro-grids allow you to take harness your own power to save over 90% on energy

Grow Tech Sensors

This portfolio of sensors combined with our secure, robust wireless networks enables real-time access to information and equipment.